The revolution of music.


Jürgen Holmes is someone you do not have to know much about. His age, nationality and other personal information is something that is vain for the public to know. In addition, he has to keep them a secret for a reason that can not be revealed. In short, it is only his music that matters.


The music of Jürgen Holmes is unquestionably unique. It has not been influenced by anything. Every part of every track are ideas of Jürgen Holmes himself and are born through his natural talent. The songs consist of numerous elements, and they tend to break the laws of music with their genious and sudden changes. Some might consider the guitar and bass riffs along with the drums simple and "earthbound" but they are wrong. Everything is carefully thought through.

Jürgen Holmes is the leading electronic folk metal artist, and some consider him the creator of the whole genre. Sometimes it seems hard to limit Holmes's music to electronic folk metal, partly due to the use of numerous instruments. However, what you can find in most of Jürgen Holmes's tracks, are the guitar with the A4-effect and the flute. Apart from Letón, all main tracks are instrumental so far.

This music needs no further explaining, it is epic, and you need to experience it for yourself.

Featuring artists

  • EuroMac3.0 in Hypnosquirrel
  • Gana Mataram in Letón (sitar)
  • Ülle Cortez in Hawaii Blues 2 (turntables)
  • Screwdriver in the bonus track Rope Mower (vocals)

    The flute master

Jürgen Holmes 2009-